Project Overview

The New Generation Late Reveal Social Application

Blur is a new social app that redefines how you chat, meet and date by showcasing your personalities, interests and lifestyle before anything else.
If you’re tired of appearance-driven social apps, this new app that blurs your match’s face might be just for you. Blur is a new dating and friendship app which blurs out your match's face until you strike up a conversation

Design Demo

Design Solution


Welcome Page

The welcome page uses vibrant color and micro-interactions to make users feel soothing and relaxed.


The Matching Wheel

Element provides flexible templates for users to digest information while organizing it. Element helps you to connect the dots!



Blur uses Machine Learning and pair you with your personality. All matches' faces will be blurred until you answer all the questions.


Personality Hexagon

Element provides flexible templates for users to digest information while organizing it. Element helps you to connect the dots!


More Fun to Explore

User can explore more fun under Daily Challenge tab to complete their Personality Hexagon. Challenge will be different everyday. Users can see how their decision affects their profiles.



Regardless of how busy we are with work, school, or life, we might feel lonely sometime at some point and we just need someone to talk to. With today’s social or dating applications which take milliseconds to swipe and find matches, it has become easy to find quick matches, but . People come with strong intention or purpose, and it is hard to find someone who matches with your thoughts and who you can truly talk to.
People often say “the dating apps have killed romance”. It takes milliseconds to swipe right. You don’t have much time to think through before you make a decision.


Opportunity Space

Blur is a new social platform to find, chat and connect by showcasing your personality and interests before anything else. Finding a match is as fun as playing a game on Blur - the photos of your potential matches are initially blurred, as you answer short and fun quiz questions, they become clear

It’s personality first By answering simple & fun questions, you’ll meet interesting people and not make snap judgements based on a single profile photo.

Privacy is vital Profile photos are blurred and only revealed to people that share the same value and interests.

Make better matches Backed by advanced machine learning algorithms, Blur builds a comprehensive profile that makes better recommendations that fit you.

As users enjoy answering fun questions to de-blur their matches, Blur is simultaneously building comprehensive profiles for them, so the more they play the better matches become.


Getting Started

As the only designer on the startup team, I took responsibilities for all visual aspects. As past paced as a startup can be, I was in charge of wireframing, prototyping, user testing on each prototype at different stages, working with engineers to meet app updates, and assisting with any design-related visual needs for other purposes.​

For the first version of the design, our team decided to use light pink and blue; nevertheless, some users reflected that the design wasn't engaging enough to capture their attention. There are too many social apps that are competing for the same user group.​

Here comes the problem : How can we make ourselves stand out from other similar social apps?

We need to break the traditional flat design like other apps do and add more fun animated elements. Our design needs to be visually appealing but also simple and user friendly.​


Iterate from Feedback

For onboarding screen, my design philosophy is to create simple yet fun design to quickly collect users' information to fasten the onboarding process. Users can click in sign in to access other partners to fill out information, or they could simply answer a short series of questions with animation.

Users will be directed to different pools with similar goals by this onboarding process.Since we are personality based social app, we also encourage users to meet like minded friends based on our intervention. We understand the needs that sometimes users just need someone to talk to. Therefore, they will be paired with people who have similar purposes.

We did interviews users in four different age groups 18-28, 28-38, 38-48, and 48 above about their attitudes toward existing social apps. We identified that some of them don't use social apps because they don't like people with strong intention from existing social apps. They prefer to take time and develop stronger bonding relationships not only just for dating purposes.

Therefore, we wanted to design the app making the app intention clear for both parties at the beginning. If a user is not single, we will automatically pair this user with the friend's poolIn order to make the process even more fun, users will see eight blurred profile photos in front of them when they answer questions. The profile wheel will keep spinning until the user answers enough questions for our AI system to match him or her with the other user in our system who has best match.

After the match, user will see the the common features she or he shares with the other match immediately. User can simply choose anything from conversation starter to start the conversation. The user will have access to personality matrix as well by clicking match's profile picture. Nevertheless, in order to know more about the match, user needs to talk to the match more to deblur other information through "Light Up" feature.


New Features

The new feature we want to introduce is called "Light Up" to motivate users talk to their matches more. Once users match and deblur their matches' faces, they won't immediately know all information from their matches. They need to talk to the match at a certain conversation level to fully light up the "BLUR" letters and deblur more information such as "Career" and "Education".



During my time designing at Blur as a new startup, I learned to combine my business knowledge with design and adapt to this fast-paced environment. Most importantly, I learned how to take on ownership responsibility on tasks I was assigned because I knew how much my decision would affect the team and the company.

For future iterations, I would love to explore more on how to make Blur more fun and personal for users. Currently, we focus a lot on matching users together based on their personality. In the future, I would love to focus more on building stronger relationship between matches after they connect. To keep users coming back, I would love the possibility to explore community aspect. If we could use AI and Maching Learning to build a community for people with shared personality or interests, then users would be more likely to stay on the app. Furthermore, I would love to explore possibilities of creating more fun "deblur" games other than answering questions.Thanks for reading about Blur. If you are interested in the project, I am happy to share more about it.